UCAN South Yorkshire

  • A Local Group
    • We are based in South Yorkshire
    • Church Administrators are welcome to join from Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster (or Sheffield Anglican Diocese).
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  • Part of a National Network
    • We are part of UCAN, the UK Church Administrators Network
    • UCAN has many resources that can help administrators
    • UCAN puts on local and national conferences for which we offer group discounts
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  • Supporting Church Administrators
    • Regular Meetings—once a quarter we meet for training and support
    • Personal Support—we also have an active forum and facebook group
    • Local Experience—Used to the challenges of Church Administration in South Yorkshire
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Serving God by serving the Church in South Yorkshire.

UCAN Founder John Truscott writes:

“The organisation of all resources, including people, is an area of Christian service requiring those specially gifted, together with the Holy Spirit’s spark of life. But it is also an aspect of ministry that all in positions of leadership need to understand.

It is a fulfilling ministry, making right choices, avoiding waste, developing people and helping them to work together in harmony, all the time seeking to live under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

Church Administration is an exciting ministry that is in many ways vital to the life of Church, but it also can sometimes be difficult and lonely.  UCAN exists to support Church Administrators in their work, and Local Groups like ours fit into UCAN’s network by providing local support.  We meet once a term (see the news section of our site for more information about upcoming meetings) to debrief and to be equipped. We have an active forum and facebook group where we can ask for help, and share prayer needs and resources.

If you are a Church Administrator in South Yorkshire please join us!  And you can find out more about our parent organisation, UCAN, here.